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IntimateApp is a New Vision of Virtual Relationships. Download the app now and Start your Super Realistic Call and Text!

Best Ai Porn Makers - Free & Premium Generators List


About Intimate App

What can I do with my AI Girlfriend?

First, you get to tailor your AI companion to your preferences and interests. This includes what type of personality they have and their hobbies. Aside from that, there are malotifferent characters you can start talking with immediately. The app involves adaptive learning, so the AI will learn more about you to have more fluid and dynamic conversations. You can pick up a conversation where you left off, and your girlfriend will remember the essential details you told her.

One of the best features of this app is the integration between voice and text. The voice calls feel authentic, which is surprising. Many AI chatbots and girlfriend apps only give you a text-to-voice feature, and it’s rare to see one with the ability to have a real-time phone call. I was expecting an obviously AI voice like a car GPS, but they managed to make it sound like you’re talking to a natural person. The voices can be a little flat, but so are some people. The calls added to the immersion of talking with a real girlfriend.

Another feature worth noting is the chats are completely uncensored. Yes, you can start sexting. I thought I would be the best part, but there’s no option to receive photos, which is a bummer. They plan to add it in the future, but who knows when it will be implemented. For now, it’s just sexting and roleplay without any images, and the profile pictures are only semi-realistic.


The paid plans start from $16/month to an annual cost of $55. It’s a fair price at about $1.10 a week, but similar apps offer more features like images.

MyIntimate.App Features

  • AI Girlfriend and boyfriend customization
  • Real-time phone calls
  • Unfiltered conversations


  • Authentic voice calls
  • Engaging conversations
  • Affordable plans


  • You can’t send or receive photos from the characters.
  • The AI character images
  • The conversations start to feel repetitive when you’ve been using the chat for hours.
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