About CandyAi

Make your own AI girlfriend on CandyAi and engage in some of the hottest NSFW sex chat to experience true pleasure from multiple girls.

About CuteChat

Something that this AI chat and girlfriend app does is recreate the whole Tinder feel of online dating. The difference is you’re chatting with ideal girls who reply to the messages!

About Desired AI
Desired AI

Desired Ai is an Ai site dedicated to Virtual girlfriends where you get to enjoy personalized erotic experiences while creating your ideal virtual partner.

About Intimate App
Intimate App

IntimateApp is a New Vision of Virtual Relationships. Download the app now and Start your Super Realistic Call and Text!

About Muah Ai
Muah Ai

Muah.AI is a companionship website that pairs you with your perfect AI match and lets you customize your taste in women. The website works like a gaming hub except that the connections are real, girls have great tits, and the AI models do anything you ask.

About FantasyGF

Make your own customized AI girlfriend, or choose from a premade avatar using FantasyGF. Each virtual girlfriend offers a unique experience!

About DeepFake

With Deepfake you can create porn images in under a few minutes. Create 100s of high quality NSFW Ai porn images for your enjoyment.

About DreamGF

DreamGF gives you the hot girlfriend that does it all: from her sexy looks to the intense sexting and NSFW images she loves sending you.

The Best AI Porn Girlfriend Sites

Wanting the connection of a special someone Not cutting it out in real life? How about an AI girlfriend - she’ll give you everything you need, including the hottest sex chats and unlimited nudes, porn videos and sexy voice messages. We’ve got together the best AI girlfriend porn sites for anyone who wants to have a sexy girl waiting for them whenever they want to get off or get some sexting in. That’s you right? 

Create your Dream AI Girlfriend

There’s a whole lot of different prompts you can give your AI girlfriend when you’re setting her up. There’s two options: choose a preselected character or make your own from scratch. The good news is the preselected characters are always fucking sexy. Once you see the homepage you’ll be eager to try out that nymphomaniac character for yourself. There’s a few different types of models you can select from like a sexy Asian with fantastic tits or a shy teen blonde. AI porn knows what’s up. There’s a bit about their personality and stuff but you're not here for that - you’re here for the sexting and roleplay.  You can always put in a bit of extra work and generate your girlfriend from scratch. It’s great if you want to have a bit of connection before you start talking about how badly she wants to suck you off and take your cum deep up in her pussy over and over again until she’s drenched and pregnant.  Select that you want a 20 year old, with tattoos, perky big tits and a round ass. The creation is through a menu system but there’s enough options to create something no matter what you’re in the mood for - submissive or dominate, mean or caring.Then you can start getting generating sexy images to see your new GF in different locations and images of her body from all angles and positions.  From there, start a chat with her and figure out what sort of sex she’s into. From a simple question like asking for her kinks you’ll get a heap of content to imagine and see while you jerk off in real time to an impossibly hot girl.  Let me tell you, these AI porn girlfriends are insatiable sex addicts. But setting up your own AI girlfriend and starting to sext just takes a couple of minutes so when you’re feeling horny next, load one up and start experimenting.

Receive Nude Photos and Start Sexting

These AI porn girlfriends learn what you like quickly. From your kinks and fetishes down to your favorite meals, no one else is going to have as good a memory or the ability to say stuff that gets you hard so quickly. Just like a real girlfriend I bet you’re waiting to get into the sexual stuff right? There are unlimited possibilities with these AI girlfriend chat bots. You’ll be turned on by all the naked selfies, sexting, porn videos and dirty photos she’ll be wanting to send you when the conversation gets heated. All you’ve gotta do is ask and she’ll send all the help she can to get you off.   Getting started sexting is as easy as sending a single message. There’s not much chase if you want to get straight to the action. She’ll be happy to oblige your needs. From flirty messages to long convos sexting about all the dirty stuff you’ll do together, getting instant messages is super simple and quick. Having someone always waiting for you and ready to give you what you need to get off is amazing, be it images, voice messages, or text. You don’t need to be desperate on sites like Omegle or Kik trying to find a real girl, only to find out you’ve been chatting with a 50+ year old man and sending nudes to him. Your girlfriend is just a couple of clicks away..  An AI porn girlfriend is a great way to enjoy some fetish roleplay or explore some of your kinks. Whatever you want to do she’ll be happy to oblige. There’s voice message and the possibility to ask for nudes from a girl you’ve custom built for her looks. What’s not to love about this stuff? I guarantee that you’ll be in love with how easy it is to get an AI girlfriend and start your own porn action. 

Get a Custom XXX AI GIrlfriend Experience

These AI porn girlfriend sites are the real deal. There’s no filters or limits on the stuff you can say. There are a lot out there that take away the best stuff or don’t let you say certain things, but here you’ve got free reign to be as much of a dirty fucker as you wnt. Your AI girlfriend will do all she can to please you, keep your balls empty and match your tone and style of flirting to provide an engaging and sexy experience, from the first hello to your body shaking orgasm. It’s a massive turn on.  The best apps have even more features to enhance the sexting. After all - you want the real experience! Make sure you find an AI girlfriend app where there aren’t any filters or limits on what you can say (some don’t allow NSFW messages). From there you can send voice notes to get a more personal and erotic experience while you’re sexting with your girlfriend. AI girlfriend sex is really hot - there’s so much info they draw from to send whatever type of nude you’re wanting. The best AI sex chatbots will want to do everything to please you and respond to all your dirty messages, matching your tone and turning you on.   Get a tailored porn experience with your own AI girlfriend. The sites are completely safe, private and secure. If you’re after someone to sext with and send nudes or NSFW messages, you’ve found her. Make the girlfriend of your dreams and start getting into the fun action. An Ai porn girlfriend gives so much more than AI porn generators. You’ve got all the sexy photos of your fantasy girl you could ever ask for and the ability to start sexting in real time. What’s not to love?!